At Planet Courier, values are fundamental

On the road to reducing emissions

At Planet Courier, we know that everyone must contribute to protecting our environment. That’s why Planet Courier is committed to constantly reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. Our desire to go further for the planet figures into all our actions; we are growing our electric vehicle fleet, opting instead to make more and more deliveries by bike to significantly reduce our GHG emissions. Planet Courier incentivises our delivery agents with bonuses to help encourage the shift to electric and selects delivery partners whose mission also prioritizes the environment.

Planet Courier takes community seriously

At Planet Courier, we are keenly aware of how our decisions can have a positive impact on other people. Since we want to make a difference in our community, we have decided to support causes that we hold close to our heart, charities, and initiatives that improve the day-to-day lives of many.

Planet Courier is investing in the community’s future. We are thrilled to support:

  • Fondation d'athlète d'excellence du Québec (FAEQ): Planet Courier’s support has financed the Olympic aspirations of several Quebec athletes in Tokyo.
  • Opération Enfant Soleil: Planet Courier’s contributions connect sick children to the care they so critically need.
  • Fondation Jean-Neveu : Planet Courier’s donations have made it possible to donate funds to charities that work with people suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction
  • La Fondation Sablon : Planète Courier donations have given children from all walks of life the opportunity to fulfill themselves through sport and outdoor activities and contribute to their mental, physical and social health.
  • Espoirs Laval - Club Cycliste : Planet Courier donations have helped the development of young athletes by providing training under the supervision of qualified coaches and other types of support.
  • Drive For The Cure: Planet Courier donations have helped improve the health, well-being and quality of life of people living with cancer and neurological diseases. Donations help purchase special diagnostic and treatment equipment, and fund aid and treatment for less fortunate families facing devastating illness.
  • Défi vélo 300km pour la VIE : Planet Courier donations have helped finance several equipment projects for the Laval cancer program.
  • Fondation Charles-Bruneau: Plant Courier donations helped fund pediatric hematology-oncology research for children with cancer in Quebec.
  • CTV's Spirit of Giving: Planet Courier supported the collection of non-perishable goods, toiletries and toys to donate to local charities during the holiday season!
  • Founded in 1892, Welcome Hall Mission is today the largest doorway to help for Montrealers in need. Many programs are available to support those experiencing homelessness, families, and at-risk mothers and youth. Providing hope through concrete actions and effective solutions. We offer Welcome Hall Mission deliveries in the form of a donation to support this cause that is close to our hearts.


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