Terms and conditions

To use our delivery solutions, you have to agree to our terms and conditions listed below.

Thank you for choosing Planète Courrier!

1. Dimensional Weight
The weight charged will be the greater between the actual or the dimensional weight, the dimensional weight being determined as follows:
L x W x H (in) / 139 = weight (lbs) L x W x H (cm) / 5000 = weight (kg)

*Applicable to all services

12. Terms of Payment
Net 30 days. Duties and Taxes: On receipt A 5% monthly fee will be applied to all late payments.
2. Fuel Surcharge
A fuel surcharge will be added to our prices. A review will be made each month
13. Exchange Rate
Our import services may be subject to an exchange rate.
3. Insurance
Each shipment includes a $50.00 value of insurance. Additional insurance may be purchased at 4.5% of the declared value (minimum of $20.00). Some types of products are not insurable, such as glass and liquids, please contact us for more information
14. Custom Clearance, Duties and Taxes
Custom clearance fees are included in all our prices except for USA ground service. Duties and Taxes will always be billed to the consignee by default. A $10.00 / $100.00 administration fee will be charged for all shipments where duties and taxes are charged to the shipper.
4. Waiting Time
A surcharge of $0.55 will be applied for each additional waiting minute over the first 10 minutes. A fee of 7.50$ will be charged for a no pick up.
15. Duties and Taxes Charged to the Shipper (Free Domicile)
A $16.50 fee will be added for free domicile.
5. Wrong or Incomplete Address
For local services a 1 hour service charge will be added to deliver the parcel to its final destination from the incorrect address to the corrected address. For national and international services a fee of $15.00 per parcel will be added to the cost of delivering the shipment to its destination.
16. Special Handling
Surcharge of $18.00 / parcel A Surcharge will be billed on any item deemed to be non-conveyable items that need special handling because of their shape, size, casing or contents. Examples would include cylindrical item, such as a barrel, drum, pail or tire that is not fully encased in a corrugated shipping container, suitcases, shipments enclosed in a plastic casing, liquids, wooden boxes or metal boxes.
6. Signature Required
A surcharge of $5.00 / shipment for a national or international shipment.
17. Dangerous, Illegal or Fragile Goods
We do not accept any dangerous or illegal goods. Parcels containing fragile or liquid products will be sent at customers own risk. No insurance claims will be accepted. Please contact us if you have any questions.
7. Residential Zone Delivery
A surcharge of $3.75 / shipment for a national or international shipment.
18. Guaranteed Services
Please contact us to confirm that the service is available for your destination.
Canada USA
9:00 am $25.00 / parcel 9:00 am $150.00 / parcel
10:30 am $15.00 / shipment 10:30 am $10.00 / shipment
Saturday $50.00 / parcel Saturday $95.00 / parcel
8. Re-Delivery and Re-direct
A charge of 7.50$ / shipment will be invoiced for every new delivery attempt or re-direction.
19. Maximum weight and dimensions
Girth = (Length) + (2 x width) + (2 x Height)
Maximum Weight = Per Parcel
Canada International
Air Air
Girth: 144" Girth: 130"
Maximum Length: 108" Maximum Length: 108"
Maximum Weight: 150 lbs Maximum Weight: 150 lbs
Ground Ground
Girth: 216" Girth: 130"
Maximum Length: 120" Maximum Length: 108"
Maximum Weight: 150 lbs Maximum Weight: 150 lbs

  • A parcel with a girth over 130 inches: $65.00 minimum
  • A parcel with a weight of 70 lbs or more: $18.00 minimum
  • A parcel with a weight of 150lbs or more: $130.00 minimum
  • A parcel with a dimension over 60 inches: $18.00 minimum
  • A parcel with one dimension over 108 inches: $130.00 minimum
  • A parcel with two of its dimensions over 30 inches: $18.00 minimum

    9. Receiving a Parcel within Canada
    A surcharge of $6.00 will be added to any inbound shipments coming from outside our local delivery zones.

    10. Beyond Charges (National and International)
    A surcharge will be applied for beyond points. Please contact us for more information.

    11. Repackaging of Parcels
    A $35.00 fee will be charged to repack a parcel.